Math Bee

Math Bee Level 1:  Grades 1-2
Math Bee Level 2:  Grades 3, 4, 5
Math Bee Level 3:  Grades 6, 7, 8

Math Bee contest rules:
Math Bee resources:

Suggested practice schedule and resources are below for each level:

Math Bee Level 1 Practice Materials:
Week 1: Practice test Phase I Phase II
Week 2: Fractions worksheet 1, worksheet 2worksheet 3worksheet 4worksheet 5
Week 3: Telling time , Elapsed timeMultiplication, division, finding missing numbers
Week 4: Units and measurementsUM Worksheet1, UM worksheet 2
                                      Basic shapesPerimeter, and Geometry
Week 5: Word problems - Mixed ArithmeticTime, Money, Fraction
                                      Multiple choice problems Worksheet 1Worksheet 2
Week 6 - Mock test

Math Bee Level 2 Practice Materials:
Week 1: Practice Test Phase IPhase IIAnswers
Week 2: Divisibility worksheet, time-rate, pre-algebra word problems
Week 3: Ratio and Proportion (excluding Dilations in this pdf)
Week 4: Order of operations, single variable equations
Week 5: Radicals and factors, GCF and LCM (practice worksheet 1 from each link)
Week 6: Introduction to probability
Week 7: Perimeter, area, volume
Week 8: Pythagorean theorem and triangle properties

Math Bee Level 3 Practice Materials:
Week 1: Practice Test Phase IPhase IIAnswers Phase I,  Answers Phase II
Week 2: Divisibility, decimals to fractions, Counting, permutations and combinations
Week 3: Slope, intercept and coordinate geometry
Week 4: Simultaneous equations, inequalities, word problems
Week 5: Polynomials, Factorization and Quadratics
Week 6: Probability and statistics
Week 7: Geometry
Week 8: Introduction to trigonometry

MB-2, MB-3: Recommended practice book - Competition Math, available from AOPS
All MB-2, MB-3 practice session materials will be using this book.

Click here for on-line lessons by topic from purple math
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