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NSF Seattlle 2015 Announcements

NSF Seattle Regional Contests Scheduled for April 25-26, 2015 at Bellevue College, WA.
Bothell Practice sessions start on February 1, 2015.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

How to Register?

How to Register your child for NSF Bee contests
Practice sessions for the Bee workshops are for Registered participants only
In order to experience a smooth registration process, please read the following important information carefully. Do not skip these and proceed to registration.
--------------------------------------------------Start Of Read Before Registering---------------------
Please Read Before Registering
1. Please use the Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 only. Our volunteers DID NOT test with other browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
2. If you are unable to complete registration anytime, please send an email to NSF volunteers will make every effort to solve your problem within 2 to 3 days.
3. Do not try to enter as a new parent. Your record already exists.
4. Like last year, your entry is through a login ID and password. This is the only way you can access the system. If you forgot your password, your can get it from the login page. Please keep the login ID and password in a safe place. Do not share with others.
5. All communications from NSF is done through the email address, which also acts as your login ID. If you want to change your e-mail address (login ID) or password, you can do so from the login page.
6. If you ever forget your login ID in the future, you can request for it from the login page.
7. NSF offers a variety of contests including spelling, vocabulary, math, science, geography, essay writing, public speaking, and brain bee. Based on the availability of resources and participation, your chapter decides on a particular array of contests to be offered in your center. If your chapter does not offer a particular contest, but it is, however, offered in a neighboring center, you may be able to avail the opportunity by registering in the neighboring center as long as it is in your cluster and the system allows you.
Important: Some chapters are put into a cluster, if they are within driving distance. If you belong to a cluster, the system will show you all chapters where you can register. Please read the chapter names and select the precise chapter where you would like your child to participate. If your center is offering contests, but has not yet selected a date or venue, you can still register. Registration is not complete until you pay online. Once you register and pay, refunds are not allowed for any reason.
8. As an added benefit to the parents, there are 2 new links on the parent function page such as
Change Centerand “Change Contest”! Change Contest link allows you to change contests. You could only change contests that are priced same or lower.
9. The system saves each page as you go along. In case of an interruption for any reason, you do not have to reenter the data that was already saved.
10. NSF activities are run by volunteers as NRI community events. We encourage both parents to volunteer for NSF activities. Even if you can spare one hour a week, it will make a big difference. Together, we can make things better and accomplish more in serving children, both in the US and India. Please contact/send email to your chapter coordinators if you are interested in volunteering.
11. Do not use the “Back” arrow or "Refresh" button to avoid losing data integrity. Please review each page before continuing. Please avoid registering in a rush to avoid mistakes.
a) Parent information: Please review and update data in all fields for you and your spouse (or other parent). Please make sure both parents have unique email ids (i.e. email ids need to be different for both parents). Make certain that you belong to the right NSF chapter.
b) Child information: Please review and update data in all fields including hobbies and accomplishments for each child. Make sure the date of birth is correct, and the grade and the name of school are up to date. The grade should be as of January 1.
12. While helping your child excel through these contests, please consider helping a economically disadvantaged child go to college in Indiaand donate generously. Your contribution is fully tax-deductible. On the donation page, there is a suggested donation, which you are free to change.
13. After you complete registration and make your payment, you will get a confirmation email, which you should keep for your records. Please read the confirmation email in full. You may want to bring a copy to the contest venue as evidence of your registration and payment.
14. Please review with your child NSF contest offerings, contest dates, contest location, rules, syllabus, preparation, educational resources and FAQ to make them better prepare.
15. NSF Seattle will send notifications about practice sessions for various local practice sessions. These sessions can better prepare your child for the contests, and reduce any anxiety they might have.
-------------------------------------------------- End of Read Before Registering--------------------------------
------------------------------------------ How to Register----------------------------------
Step-by-step instructions for Registration:
(a) From, place your cursor on “US LOGIN” which appears on the top right hand side and click on “Parent Login”link
(b) Enter your login ID and password (If you forgot your password, you can get it from the login page.)
(c) Click on “Register for Regional Contests” and follow the prompts
(d) First fill-in/update parent information; then click on “Continue”
(e) Update the volunteer information; then click on “Continue”
(f) Update the child information such as grade/school/hobbies. You need to update for all the children. Otherwise, the system will not show you the eligible contests
(g) Click on “Choose Contest Details” and the system shows all the eligible contests by child
(h) Next click on “Click here to register
(i) Select all desired contests for each child; then click on “Submit
(j) Click on “Pay Now” button; before clicking, verify your selections
(k) You will go through terms and conditions, donation, and credit card payment pages
(l) Refunds will not be given once payment is done. Contests can be changed, but cannot be transferred to a sibling. If you have registered for a contest, say, spelling, instead of Math, and payment has been made, then you can change to Math for that child without additional fees.
(m) After successfully paying with your credit card, you will receive a confirmation email
(n) Logout from the system
(o) Please note that the given schedule in your chapter calendar may be tentative; please verify and check with your chapter coordinator for the final schedule of the contests.
(p) If you have already registered your child in spelling, vocabulary, math, sicence, geography, science, essay writing or public speaking, follow the steps below to download practice words/sample questions
(q), place your cursor on “US LOGIN” which appears on the top right hand side and click on “Parent Login”link
(r) Enter your login ID and password
(s) Click on “View Status” and you will see next to the contestant name a downloadable link for spelling/vocabulary practice words in .pdf or other formats. We provide 1,000 practice words for spelling and vocabulary contests. For Math, science, geography, essay writing or public speaking, the downloadable files contain only sample questions and these are for guidance only.
(t) How to download the files: right-click on the link, and choose Save file on your hard disk option. Once saved, you can print a copy for practice. Do not directly open file by using the left click on the download link.
Wish you and your child(ren) all the best.
Thank you for your continued support to NSF activities by registering your child.
Now, an underprivileged child in India is one step closer to attaining a scholarship, so he/she can work towards a brighter future!
Finally please note that NSF is all run by volunteers. The labor of love is what is brought to your doorstep! Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve your child and the poor children in India.

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NSF Seattle Regional Dates
March 23 and 24

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